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We produce ......

In 1989, our company, Mei-King Machinery Engineering, was established in Hong Kong as the manufacturer of Packaging and Bottling Machines.

We design and build the machineries, equipments and auto production lines. Our products included ....

Liquid Stirring Machine, Thermo-Controlled Mixing Machine,

Rinsing Machine, Filling Machine, Sealing Machine, Capping Machine, Labeling Machine, Shrink-Wrapping Machine, Box-Inserting Machine, Carton Packing Machine, Tray Packing Machine, Carton/Tray Shrink-Wrapping Machine, and .......... etc..

All the machines are being designed for the packaging purposes of Liquid, Sauce, Ointment, Cream, Powder, Granule, Pill, Tablet, and Capsule.

To suit the various production scales, different models of Automatic Machines, and Semi-Auto Machines will be provided.

And, the machines can be selected and linked to form the Fully Auto Production Lines for the mass production run.

Meeting GMP Standards, our products are being widely introduced to the fields of Pharmaceuticals, Foods, Beverages, Cosmetics and Chemicals industries.


And ....

With strong technical background and production experiences, we design and produce the machineries and devices as per clients' special request.  This is called the "Tailor-Make" or "Non-Standard" products.



We represent .......

Beside our above mentioned products, to fulfill our clients' request, we sourced the suppliers of good quality products in China (Mainland and Taiwan).  That included .......

a) Machinery :

Powder Milling Machine, Grinding Machine, Mixing Machine, Granulating Machine, Homogenizing Machine, Heating Tunnel, Pill Making Machine, Tablet Forming Machine, Capsule Filling Machine, Blister Packing Machine, Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Machine, Packaging Machine, and ......... etc.. 

b) Packaging Materials :

Glass Bottles and Jars, Plastic Bottles, Laminated Films, and ......... etc..