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 The following samples are the tailor-made projects for our clients' automation and modification programs running in their productions.  As to lower down the labor cost and increase the productivity, we specially designed and made the machinery and production lines to suit the production requirements .  Please try to contact us for the details.

 Feeding Device and Alignment

 Blister Form-Fill-Seal-Punching Machine

 Marker-Pen Assembling Machine

 Lamination Machine for Film / Foils

 Wrapping Machine for Battery

 Cap Folding Device

 Semi-Auto Wrapping Machine

 Wicks Insertion Machine

 Form-Fill-Seal Machine for Noodle

 Puzzle Making Machine

Cap Assembling Machine

 Cooking Machine with Hot-Water Circulation Jacket

 Liquid Mixing & Stirring Machine

 Semi-Auto Tube Sealing Machine for Plastic & Aluminum

Gear Assembly Device

Screw Fastening Device